Thursday, October 26, 2006

No one came to see my Mostlandia performance, except a bunch of melbourne festival biddies and the nice folk from Mostlandia. The performance of their national anthem went in a off kilter direction of five to six different sections, not unlike the short tracks on Little More, and went for about five minutes, when i am nerious i seem to have a pretty short atention span, but this lack of consentration can be nicely disorientating to the audience posibly. So maybe it suited this novelty format, i have been listening to a lot of new waver and weird al yankovick of late this may have something to do with it.? I have posted some drafts of my hip hopera album that will be out next year, on my myspazz page (see links), just sceletal at the moment. Also come see me guest with Hi God People on saturday around 7pm at some day gallery, curtin house swanson street, citty, if you can, no guilt trip intended.


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