Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Don't Think Of Piglets Forrageing For Truffles (in the undergrowth)

This, the album artwork for DTOPFFT(ITU) the first LP (cd) from Mof far far rah, it is to be avalable next week(hopefully). This is becomeing quite a commercial blog, and although it bothers me slightly, im sure once i get the internet on at home it will plunge in to the philosisfick depths of the Mof FarFarRah multiverse.

Anyhow the contence of dont think of piglets is almost an hour listenning, recorded between 2004 and 2005. The post production is by matthew brown, as is the Cove of the Ken Can Kant re-working"moss moles". It is somewhat of a beehive of activity pressed into the interia of your ear. With a push and pull that contains you, yet it is stream like and passes by the ear like olive oil imbeded with broken pottery. Including highlights such i wanta get high (merzbong rmx) extended epic re- add on. A re-working of the cypress hill clasik "i want to get high" in the style of merzbow to start with, then contiueing into a country doom drone slaughtered by a cyclone of sparows.
The album both takes you on a mystical journey at the sametime as keeping you close to home, boarded up in a uni-bomer style shack in brunswick your own heavy breath pounding in your ears like the swell of a sea cave.


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