Wednesday, July 12, 2006


so i realise i didn't actually touch on 07/07/06 monthorah in my last post, t'was the day of my birth only 26 years later at 7:07. A last minute change for 7:00 was necisery and fine, as it was an un anounced performance during octopus(=8)(on the 7th)06 at gertrude street contempary artspace. Unfazed by the probaly beter time change, the performance lasted 7minutes, with a guest spot by some crazy "party monster" -esk club kid (techniquly probaly club crazed uncle), who was subsequently scared off by a death rattle eminating from the crevaces of my throat. No devine tingles ala bus performance, but a resting and comparting of nerves and time in accapellarity.

My dad (Richard) and his partner Janice really enjoyed it, and she is in a choir, and thus it is nice to get tech props, all others i discussed it with were positive, so success i guess. A while after this there was a party (birthday) at my house, which included 2 interprative dances which i fell were an extention of MOR7, the first a solo performance by me to' don't stop me now by Queen' which was somehow a phsyical release of the controled and tight nature of the early vocal performance. then the second was almost a mockery of that release, as something not necisery when the potentual has already been realised through the pushing of limits within time and sonic space. However a loving mockery, struggleing with a sack of potatos (play by Jarrad Zlatic), the social realism extends as a tread with my throughing of a camping stall out the door at hastely exiting JZ.

Just a breif mention of up coming realeases:

Little More: is suposeta be out this week on Sabbatical, but i haven't seen it as yet, so stay tuned for updates

omniverses: 5way split solo CDR currated by me is out in the nearness on inverted crux, faetures: Josh Petherick (title pending), Exomitor, Julie (sometime Hi Godklor)(last name/title pending), Cove of the ken can kant, and MothThaThaRah. 10minutes each divided by gongs.

paeces "psychic tables" out now on Music Your Mind Will Love You (Slotholith realease coming soon to MYMWLY too), Paeces "other roomly' out now on Inverted Crux

Gallatic Locksmith bunkering down for future release this weekend.


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