Friday, November 10, 2006

Daytrip EP out soon!

Moffarfarrah DAYTRIP EP
sister soundtrack to Day Trip by Sriwhana Spong
Cover image from said video 2006

This epic one track EP paranoidaly cruises a mobius strip river, encased in the plastic case of a metaphoric video casstte, while the black infinate depth of liquid plastick stretches out to explore totems and offerings to the omnititant forces at the Crux of existance, the forms rise and fall from the tar like plasteque in ebbs and flows of momentary monumental,

Inspired by Rythum, and the idea of Sri videdo's inspiration from Godard's weekend (haveing not seen Weekend it is a loose yet important thread, considering notions of transendance from this mortal plane, ie the weekend).

Daytrip will be out real real soon on the lovely Sean Bailey's Inverted Crux recordable compact disc label


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