Wednesday, November 30, 2005

!!!!!MONTH O RAH!!!2006

(image of little relevence to month o rah, i just like it)

MONTH O RAH, is a mof far far rah performance of which is on the day of the month that has the same number as the month that it is asigned, eg 01/01/06, as well as this, it will be at the time with the same numerical value, eg 01/01/06 at 1am (or pm for that mater). I am aiming to post a calander with all the dates, but this will come later.

The first performance is indeed at 1am on the 01/01/06, ther is no fixed location as yet, and it might infact be in transit(?).

The middle of this cycle will represent all the performances as actually being the one compasition, by haveing a loop play out for the entirity of the month inbetween 06/06/06 (the number of the beast) and 07/07/06. At eather end intensive amounts of differents sounds will be expelled.This will hopefully all take place at clubs project.

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