Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Sorry to anyone waiting on a adress for 8.8.06, but i have been a bit lapse on my blog as late, brobaly be cause of bloody my myspack page... which has some mp3s on it if you follow the link.

i digress, month o eight o eight o rah was quite an endurance test, clocking in at 88minutes of contiual vocal accapelistick drone. A small group of listeners, observers and hanger outers where in atendence, but this was quite an internal experiance for me....with some thing other than people, maybe it's all the anti humanist crustcore ive been listening to, but more of a etherial nature bore witness to the true sonic experance of the 88minutes. the mortal audence where in cremone, a small subburb within richmond, that almost dosent exist, not to it's own postcode anyway. They were quite reseptive, although it was quite enevatable that they would eventually become an audence to themaselves and leave me in dialog within my relms, alas alack the consentration span of 20minutes without ads.

9.9.06 will be at j-z's house in nicholson street, but will most likely be for 9minutes insteed of 99, or posibly it will be 9hours.


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