Monday, November 13, 2006

11 Month00rah 11

Thanx to the groo groo great SlamDunk tribute act and alex for makeing the uda half of the reformed slamdunk aka alley oop. It went amazingly well and was really nice lead up to the monthorah set. Which was verry trance like, and posibly not the best lead in to the party vibes, but a nice spiritual clenseing of the space, ready for the dirty danceing that followed.

Thanx; Helen, nick, ying, slmdnk tribute, alleyoop, Bianca, spiro, joint hassles, rm103 (for the finally utilsed (ment for Escape party in ChCh)hang over remidy poster, just looking at it cured my ills) and all the dunk fans who have lit my skys with masses of glosticks. pecace, what is this the arias


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