Sunday, February 11, 2007

s'been a while

Soooo wazts nu?

Omniverses complilation featureing : MofFarFAR-IRArah, Julie Burleigh, Josh Petherick, Exomitor, and Cove of the Ken can Kant. comming out with the CDr publication Omnipraxis(on 6mnths>6mnths<) avalable from my exhibition OMNIPRESENTS at Gertrude Street Contempary Artspaces (march 2nd to April 2nd).

Also Performances by me and others at Said exhibition. Friday2nd omniverses comp artists play the openning, then on Saturday the 3rd the pre mentioned premiair of KKRissKrustofffistoN. Then 3 act gigs every saturdy from 2:30 (sat:3,10,17,24,31). With the play "Weekend at Burzum's" closeing things off on the 31st.

that's about it. Oh apart from Paeces Release finished and ready to send off, Galatic locksmith album almost done, Dumb Crystals recording soon, Mofhoprah album now to be released on V-Unit records and more bootleg books and mixCDRs soon on 6mnths>6mnths<.


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