Wednesday, February 01, 2006

artickulateing spaece reveiw

here is my version of the artickulating space invite

My space was way articulated prior to the first A S event i attended, with the flatness of a dry hot day wirling into a rainless storm that for some reason made my nose bleed profusly!

When we got to the corner hotel Baxter/ Pateris(?)/brown ect had started, they where really good, there was posibly to much intention and confidence in there splurts and spluters, but it's over all flow was beutifully layered and did articulate a spaciality of time. Borgbot was a consise libary of distortion noise and insidental digital output both visually as audioly. But it was sonicly flat and to quiet to have much impact. two people with names played saxaphone and rolling small sound voice, it was real nice, there was an uncomfortable 80's sound art feel (ala laurie anderson (yuk)) but this made it more intresting and the voclists hand on hips stance made it a quite delicate assult of noises we all make to pass time (not unlike moffarfarrah in a way). It was the best performance of Frances Plaque i had seen, although the Giles / barret feel is up my alley there indie pop schtick kind of seems a little undeveloped, but this might be because im not really into that type of thing. some really nice bits though......And Pita was amazing the best dance set i have seen but completely undanceable, fuck articulating space, he distroyed and souperfy (made like soup) space. a full sonic feild with great depth and scope, a blast.

The next thursday at pony peter rehenberg (pita) did a dj set that was like a really good mixtape filtered through pita's back catalog. The guy from the necks and other people from other things and places played a really considered grind free jazz set (this sounds slighty contridictory but they pulled it off), with solos and a trad jazz overveiw. Agents of abhorrance were awesome, really tight thrash grind, with the reasent addition of a new vocalist with a less tight sound that added a messy spazz scremo fell over the top, best set ive seen from them.

Articulating space has its good and bad points but im glad i went and is begining to sound like a school report so i will stop typing now.

oh yeah did i mention month <> rah 2/2/06 this thursday 2pm and 5:45pm

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