Sunday, January 22, 2006

Don't think of pigglets foaraging for moffarfarrah in the record racks at synaesethia and metropolis

Just in case you want to by my album "Dont Think Of Pigglets Foaraging For Truffles (In The Undergrowth)" it is now avalable for purchace at Synaesthia and Metropolis (look out for instore in near future).

Also it looks like MONTH OH RAR 4.4.06 will be at Order & Progress, stay tuned for tbc deats.


performance 1 will comence at 2pm on the dot and will run fro 2hours the imporant bits being between 2-2:30 and 3:45-4pm the 2nd performance will be 2hours after that at 6pm and will run for aprox 2min although there will be an itroductry and goodbye passage either side (posibly by cattle mice, but i will need to discuss this with matthew first). The event will officially end 2hours later at 8pm.

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