Monday, January 16, 2006

MONTH o))) RA 2&3

MONTH O RAH 2/2/06 will occur at 2pm in my backyard, a middle eastern feast will happen (bring a plate) and month o rah will take on a moofti fah fah rah ambiance. for directions txt me.

MONTH O RAH 3/3/06 will take place between drinks in addelade after the openning at the gallery of SA, stay out till 3am (eternal) drinking with me for location.

p.s MONTH o RAH 1# went off in an intresting manner, like a stumbling hatchling i jerked and stuttered through a short outberst of bratcore concret, time starting to start, no gradious big bang,( enter stream splutter theory), thanks to CASTTLE MICE and Nick for support and context.

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