Thursday, February 09, 2006

reveiw of MIA vs Grey Daturas, Night Terors, agents of abhorrance and some nosie dudes i cant rember the name of(?)

I have seen many amazing Grey Daturas shows, and i can understand why they would expose the soures of the evolution of drone (eg sonic youth, melvins, 8o's and 90's stonner indie), and i apresiate how they layed this out in a flat expansive way. But i prefure when they expand up and down as well(?) i may sound harsh but rock n' rool needs expanding in genneral, so i don't think GD are not pushing some bounderies. Aggents were great more messy than at pony but still good. It was nice to see classic two dude loud noise, but it was a relic, and boring. Night terrors reminded me why i was glad that the circus metal of the late 90's had died, worst band.

MIA in comparison was great, and pushed the limitations of social political boundries in a more pop and simplistic way, but it was real fun and productive. What can i get for $1 any thing you want, what can i get for no $ anything you want! What MIA does has become a schtick within grime/garrage/bhagra but she is pushing her self, were as the gig at the tote flatlined limits sonicly. so whateves

*my version of flyers for booth gigs comeing

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