Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Castle Mice play 236Drummond street carlton 8pm saturday the 26th of august2006

AN OCCUPATION (of a house)

These artists(listed below) will occupy a house for a day before it is partly demolished
you are invited to the exhibition for that day with veiw form 12pm, and closeing party from 8pm (castle mice play at 8) saturday 26th of august 2006 236Drummond street carlton corner of grattan BYO
*Bianca Hester facilitates:
actual transformal (winters end; daylight nightlight)
compramising of soup, party mixes, lighting, decoratives and dance floor:
Ptnering with Spiros Panigriakis, Helen Johnson AND CASTLE MICE

susan jacobs, richard grigg, bianca hester, stephanie hicks, laresa kosloff, camille serisier, katherine huang, andrew atchison, alex martinis roe, alicia frankovich, kristina tsoulis-reay


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