Wednesday, March 01, 2006

rechabite hall gig 10/03/06

Castings}}}}}} (new castle)

Spits}}}}}}} ((NZ)Eye)

Slotholith}}}}}}}} ((melb/bohemian knightville) *BK, *Paeces, Manthrax, *Moffafarrah,*Moth Tha ThaRa, Exomiter, spores of the goldern beard, *Castle Mice, *slm dnk, 1984, *wak man, damitory, Lakes, *mc skrewdrivver, brother karamaloff, ect

Hommes}}}}}}}}} ((melb/add)Brutal Snake, White Horse(?), StAlbains Kids, bird blobs, 1984)

Snawklor}}}}}}} ((space)Food Group, Hi God People, neigh neigh solo, Fong, plus other stuff)

Casttle Mice }}}}}} ((melb/tas/bunyip/norw) Cove of the ken Can Kant, BK, Incan Twick, *see Slotholith)

(DJ) Ican Twich}}}}} (Cove of the Ken can Kant, BK, CM)

DJ mOf hOp rAh}}}}}} (*see slotholith)

$5 EVENING GIG <<<<<<<<6-10pm>>>>>>>


fri 10/03/06

Rechabite Hall (spulling may be slightly wrong) (corner of Eastman st and (?)st, Northcote, right near the Northcote town hall)

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