Wednesday, March 15, 2006

3pm///3am canceled 3/3/06 3:10 13/3/06 10minute performance

Well Addelaide was a pretty clustered afair, although i did a 33second drum solo on the table of our cabin in the addalaide caravan park, i did miss the planned 3am performance........

But then the opertunity to redeame a lose relation with time came up. A show at Order & progress presented by Clubs of work hosted by cuckoo, from the silver clouds (awesum NZ artists) (show up till friday). The openning being on the 13/3 i choose to perfom at 3:10, it seemed right. A ten minute performance of un affected voice, acoustic. welled with nerves personally it felt timeless.

>>>>>>4/4 44minute performance soon

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