Wednesday, March 01, 2006

:(:*new releaseses* :):

There will be a new realese by me (moth tha tha rah), in the comeing month or so. includeing matterial from degererationalClapse recordings (pile up track edition of 1 releases) remastered, but still analogue, and other fresh material. Also a compisite recording of friends kettles (tea break rmx). It will be released on new CDR label (: Sabbatical: which looks set to release some pretty sweet and intresting discs.

The name will probbaly be "Moth tha tha rah" by mof far far rah.

The other realease will be intitled "mOf hOp rAh" by Moth tha tha rah, and will be a more upbeat affair, in the vain of the hip hop jon-rah. It be realeased on the cosmic Inverted Crux.. ...In the not too distant future, watch out!!!!!!

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