Saturday, August 26, 2006

;)quazy quontum fusickz(: (A)+(E)= :)

So if the string within atoms is seen as a loop or drone which does follow a strict orbit does omnipersence follow a mixture of cyclical and chaotic tridrectories simular to this, and if so is this a more realistic way to veiw music, within culture this of couse takes on the misculanious nature of post modernism, but within the non-objective aspects of sound ie sonics and other stuff, and also the over lap of spirtual, synathesia and pyshicality there seems to be a need to swing towards a quazy quotium physicks. in writing this i a realising that there is probally a lot of discussion of this within the sound arts, but i am thinking more in a abstracting of attitudes, day to day listenning, spirtualising and melting of minds and bodies into something singular if not for a moment enternalised. OOps now this is manifestoing but i digress, if you veiw teers in string/time as mini bigbangs is this not posible in sound, and if you veiw the big band as god, then ruptures in time are most hevenly and divine i would think, not that this is a firm grounded manifesto, but this is some off the grander asperations i have with MofFarFarRah.


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