Tuesday, September 19, 2006


PAECES (features me)with HALF MAN HALF MAN (2pm)
pllay this sunday the 24th at JOINT HASSLES 2a Mitchell ST northcote vic (crn of High and Mitchell)
with googoogaagaa, bonesherif and guests who are special. 1-6pm*

To open JOINT HASSLES first show Featureing:
Sean Bailey
Jame Deutsher (and Hao Guo)

Nathan Gray
Christopher L G Hill (aka me)
Bianca Hester

Helen Johnson

Jess Lucas

Harriet Morgan
Joshua Petherick

Kain Picken and Rob McKenzie
Andie Tham
Alex Vivian

Show runs betweenthe 24th of october and 13th of november*


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