Sunday, April 30, 2006





Tuesday, April 25, 2006

     **Works for 0ther Places**
**by Nathan Gray**

Preview: new drawings for Junc Gallery (L.A.)

Launch: "Little Angels" Solo cd, cover designed for
Broken Records exhibition (Sydney)

Music: first ever gigs by Half Man Half Man and Paeces
also with Justin Kent Fuller

Saturday April 29th 2pm, 9/56 delbridge street Fitzroy

Sunday, April 23, 2006


I have 2 exhibition in NZ in june, one in Aukland (RM103) on the 8th, and one in welliington (ENJOY) on the 13th. thus montho666rah will be there +
There will be a MOTHTHATHARAH tour that weaves it's self around this. stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Month -o- RaH = slack o>>rah?

Whats the deal with the last 2 month o rahs you may well ask, and probaly rightfully so.... But whatever! Month o rah and time for that matter are not something punctuated by grandure. tIME and mothorah are not absolutes and don't always happen or happen to plan... this is not an excuse. this is a celbration of the " fracturing " of time that has and hasn't taken place, the destruction of the number sistem, the abliteration of performance as one off event.

But Month o5-5-06 Rah will however be in standard terms a 5minute performance at 5pm on the 5th of the 5th 06, and not unlike monthorah 3:10 13-03-06 willl be accapella. V.T.B.A

MONTH 060606ORAH will take place in Auklang NZ, posibly at RM103 gallery (were i have an openning on the 8th) and will envolve the summoning of satan from a volcaino (or something 666y like that)

Records:My Sabbatical release is almost done, well one track is . The monolith *setting suns on rattling mug racks (56:07), is 90% there and that's most oof the album anywho.

#Photo credits: some people asked me what was the last foto ? it is NZ art collective Silver Clouds, who clubs hosted via Cuckoo , and who hosted my monthorah 3:10 13.03.06 accapela performance. the phot on this post is sometimes MofFarFaRahRAh collabirator Limar (my cat)

Sunday, April 02, 2006


*************************thanks silver clouds 4: 13/03/06************


Month o rah 04 _ 04_ 06 comes at the end of a heaps busy time for me, and thus like the enitial plan for monthOrah 03-03-06 will happen were i am at the time (4pm "4" 4minutes)(this will probally be in the citty as i will be doing photo copies for "psychic tables"on MusicYourMindWillLoveYou by Paeces (a band im in), and may be an un autharized instore at missing link of synasethia).

I do also plan to do a 4am performance which will go for 4 seconds and feature on the up coming MofFarFarRah realease on sabatical cdr label...........

p.s Castle Mice play this Saturday(i think check later in week for any changes, but probaly) at Ocular Lab (31 pearson st brunswick west) as part of a Clubs Project project there, between 1-5pm