Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Peace,+bracelets+noonoo+ daytrip+classwar=(:

Peace as a happy prospepect for compasition, Plastic bag bracletts that i make (avalable at order an progresss (melbourne) and saturday market (auckland))David Noonan image that continues the circular lah motive, And a call to arms , and note to self, as to not let all the chamillions that the moffarfarrah empire and the Mof-wear sports wear label is takeing in go to my head.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

No one came to see my Mostlandia performance, except a bunch of melbourne festival biddies and the nice folk from Mostlandia. The performance of their national anthem went in a off kilter direction of five to six different sections, not unlike the short tracks on Little More, and went for about five minutes, when i am nerious i seem to have a pretty short atention span, but this lack of consentration can be nicely disorientating to the audience posibly. So maybe it suited this novelty format, i have been listening to a lot of new waver and weird al yankovick of late this may have something to do with it.? I have posted some drafts of my hip hopera album that will be out next year, on my myspazz page (see links), just sceletal at the moment. Also come see me guest with Hi God People on saturday around 7pm at some day gallery, curtin house swanson street, citty, if you can, no guilt trip intended.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jigs up comeing

Snawklor with Colabirators 4:30 tonight at someday gallery, curtin house swanson street, city
as part of Dylan's show there

Mostlandia anthem performance (begins with a wistle, ends with a gong, hand claps, celebratory vocals, percusive solo, features a drone) wednesday 25. Town Hall citty

Me and others colabirating eith Hi God People saturday 28th of oct also at Some Day gallery.

Summer winds Festival december, footscray park

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2more MonthOrahz 2 Go!

11-11-06 11:11pm at Joint Hassles, as part of Helen's Birthday celebrations, and Nick & Ying's going to NY bye bye party

12-12-06 12pm at Gertrude Street CAS as part of Bianca Hesters work in the GStreet studio artists show.

Monday, October 16, 2006

another ADD


Change of dates

Alsso the date for the Mostlandia anthem performance has changed, i will now perform at 5pm on thursday the 25th of october at the melbourne town hall

Saturday, October 14, 2006


OOPS whats iz was going to get at/excuse was the lack of a public 10/10 monthorah....Basickly i felt in relation to not only haveing a performance the night before, but also due to the nature of my two last performances, do a 10second performance with out an audeence, sep me. This was probaly a lame self afimation in a sense, but gave me a nice breath, and took my voice back from the wires and branches.

PS i am performing aT the melbourne town hall and oates on tuesday the 17th at 5pm, as part MOSTs project i will be writting and perfoming an anthum for Mostlandia.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

-LIVE Perfromence-

Live performance is a difficult think, public interaction in general is kind of tricky. Knowing how much to give, and how people will take it is something that comes over time, and is posibly never really felt at the delivery of action. My last two performances ocupied a space which is somewhat imbedded in this previous statement. they were verry public, yes, but also quite inwardly private. In the bell tree performance my voice, and part of me was forced to interact withh the kids who decided to collabirate and interact over the top of the performance, but i was also thus forced into the background. Voice is something that seems to end up in the background within the enviroments i assume most of us occupy, instramental music (with the inclusion of sunging) can, but is interated a lot as entertainment of sometype, and in a live setting, deffinatly a focus point.

On the radio also, as a matthew mentioned to me; talking going into performance released me from defined end and start points. in the tree this was realised durring the performance by the "interuption" and on the radio it was the start-endlessness. Also on radio, the focus placed on the medium and the posibility of others stubleing along the dial is an important componant. Which reminds me of Simon Denny's Performance i saw in Christchurch the day before my performance , moveing a 4x2 to affect the reception of a small portable radio, something that i have done at home messing about (manually not with a plank, or as a performance). I like to think of my live to air or the first 75 track on "little more" (my new album on sabbathicool) as occupying this space, little blips in itunes random. As parralell universes entering ours to be seen once or zillions of times.

It is somewhat the same in the tree performance, in a some what romantic peter pan type fashion. And all this is of course a reflection of randomness and/or posibility, and the massive beauty of it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

LIVE TO 10:30


NEW COMMUNAL BLOG : jahjahsphinx.blogspot.com
come on "everybody"

Monday, October 02, 2006

MofFarRah performance in the ChristChurch botanical Gardens Bell cone tree