Saturday, August 26, 2006

;)quazy quontum fusickz(: (A)+(E)= :)

So if the string within atoms is seen as a loop or drone which does follow a strict orbit does omnipersence follow a mixture of cyclical and chaotic tridrectories simular to this, and if so is this a more realistic way to veiw music, within culture this of couse takes on the misculanious nature of post modernism, but within the non-objective aspects of sound ie sonics and other stuff, and also the over lap of spirtual, synathesia and pyshicality there seems to be a need to swing towards a quazy quotium physicks. in writing this i a realising that there is probally a lot of discussion of this within the sound arts, but i am thinking more in a abstracting of attitudes, day to day listenning, spirtualising and melting of minds and bodies into something singular if not for a moment enternalised. OOps now this is manifestoing but i digress, if you veiw teers in string/time as mini bigbangs is this not posible in sound, and if you veiw the big band as god, then ruptures in time are most hevenly and divine i would think, not that this is a firm grounded manifesto, but this is some off the grander asperations i have with MofFarFarRah.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Castle Mice play 236Drummond street carlton 8pm saturday the 26th of august2006

AN OCCUPATION (of a house)

These artists(listed below) will occupy a house for a day before it is partly demolished
you are invited to the exhibition for that day with veiw form 12pm, and closeing party from 8pm (castle mice play at 8) saturday 26th of august 2006 236Drummond street carlton corner of grattan BYO
*Bianca Hester facilitates:
actual transformal (winters end; daylight nightlight)
compramising of soup, party mixes, lighting, decoratives and dance floor:
Ptnering with Spiros Panigriakis, Helen Johnson AND CASTLE MICE

susan jacobs, richard grigg, bianca hester, stephanie hicks, laresa kosloff, camille serisier, katherine huang, andrew atchison, alex martinis roe, alicia frankovich, kristina tsoulis-reay

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Sorry to anyone waiting on a adress for 8.8.06, but i have been a bit lapse on my blog as late, brobaly be cause of bloody my myspack page... which has some mp3s on it if you follow the link.

i digress, month o eight o eight o rah was quite an endurance test, clocking in at 88minutes of contiual vocal accapelistick drone. A small group of listeners, observers and hanger outers where in atendence, but this was quite an internal experiance for me....with some thing other than people, maybe it's all the anti humanist crustcore ive been listening to, but more of a etherial nature bore witness to the true sonic experance of the 88minutes. the mortal audence where in cremone, a small subburb within richmond, that almost dosent exist, not to it's own postcode anyway. They were quite reseptive, although it was quite enevatable that they would eventually become an audence to themaselves and leave me in dialog within my relms, alas alack the consentration span of 20minutes without ads.

9.9.06 will be at j-z's house in nicholson street, but will most likely be for 9minutes insteed of 99, or posibly it will be 9hours.