Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rooots , Blooody Roootz

I GOT ROOTS 2 BY the boredoms off slsk the other day and wondered about what extra freedom the roots seires alowed the boredoms, i concluded that it wasn't that much, that it was ( haveing heard only 1,2 and 6) an outlet for directionlessness and throw awayness, Not that they are not good but they are more concentrated bursts that considered long experiances. (Freedom in this context is meant to mean a capasity to extend in as many directions as posible, in a considered, yet lose way. Not just another word for nothing left to do)

This got me thinging of where Month o ra fitted into the practice of MOfFARFARRAH. I hope that it can acheive a freedom which the time restraints of mofffarrrarrahraaah regular sets don't have , although i do try to push time outward in this context, extending sets to hours or weeks pushes the time in a more concrete way, along with pushing the drone into an excepted machine hum.

And also hopefully performing an extended moment will enhance the experiance of momentary moments, while encompasing its multi directions in an ambling way that opens up a multitude of spaces of freedom within and inbetween. Cause really the month was already there before, the o))- rah. The o-rah is a non linear extention that is just a posibility realised (there are many more, as im sure you are aware.).

Castle mice are now confirmed to play M.O.R2, for the adress txt me (0419579217).

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Don't think of pigglets foaraging for moffarfarrah in the record racks at synaesethia and metropolis

Just in case you want to by my album "Dont Think Of Pigglets Foaraging For Truffles (In The Undergrowth)" it is now avalable for purchace at Synaesthia and Metropolis (look out for instore in near future).

Also it looks like MONTH OH RAR 4.4.06 will be at Order & Progress, stay tuned for tbc deats.


performance 1 will comence at 2pm on the dot and will run fro 2hours the imporant bits being between 2-2:30 and 3:45-4pm the 2nd performance will be 2hours after that at 6pm and will run for aprox 2min although there will be an itroductry and goodbye passage either side (posibly by cattle mice, but i will need to discuss this with matthew first). The event will officially end 2hours later at 8pm.

Monday, January 16, 2006

MONTH o))) RA 2&3

MONTH O RAH 2/2/06 will occur at 2pm in my backyard, a middle eastern feast will happen (bring a plate) and month o rah will take on a moofti fah fah rah ambiance. for directions txt me.

MONTH O RAH 3/3/06 will take place between drinks in addelade after the openning at the gallery of SA, stay out till 3am (eternal) drinking with me for location.

p.s MONTH o RAH 1# went off in an intresting manner, like a stumbling hatchling i jerked and stuttered through a short outberst of bratcore concret, time starting to start, no gradious big bang,( enter stream splutter theory), thanks to CASTTLE MICE and Nick for support and context.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Alps (newcasttle)
Fabulous Dimonds
Holigrams (tbc)

this friday 6-1-06 at ja-za's house, 85 nicholson street brunswick

enter via the side gate.


******also bohemian knights and lakes play this saturday night 7-1-06 at hell's kitchen ********