Wednesday, November 30, 2005

!!!!!MONTH O RAH!!!2006

(image of little relevence to month o rah, i just like it)

MONTH O RAH, is a mof far far rah performance of which is on the day of the month that has the same number as the month that it is asigned, eg 01/01/06, as well as this, it will be at the time with the same numerical value, eg 01/01/06 at 1am (or pm for that mater). I am aiming to post a calander with all the dates, but this will come later.

The first performance is indeed at 1am on the 01/01/06, ther is no fixed location as yet, and it might infact be in transit(?).

The middle of this cycle will represent all the performances as actually being the one compasition, by haveing a loop play out for the entirity of the month inbetween 06/06/06 (the number of the beast) and 07/07/06. At eather end intensive amounts of differents sounds will be expelled.This will hopefully all take place at clubs project.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Freinds fete

MOFFFARFARFARRAH tomorow at 85 nicholson st east brunswick, $4 entree fundraiser fete .ALSO PLAYING: GROMSKULL, ALWAYS, KIOSK, DANSE CREEPS. PLUS STALLS AND VEGAN FOOD. FUNDRAISER FOR THE SHOW "freinds" at 7th gallery dec 13. featureing jess lucus, sean bailey, harriet morgan, alex vivian and james deutsher. ALL WELCOME 11AM TO 8PM, BANDS EVENINGISH......

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Casttle mice from a while a go

Here is an image of a casttle mice performance from the openning of SLAVE at the vca gallery, casttle mice are an of shot of bohemian knights, cove of the ken can kant, and mof far far rah. the art work behind us is by nick selenitsch. Hopefully you can almost hear it(?)

Don't Think Of Piglets Forrageing For Truffles (in the undergrowth)

This, the album artwork for DTOPFFT(ITU) the first LP (cd) from Mof far far rah, it is to be avalable next week(hopefully). This is becomeing quite a commercial blog, and although it bothers me slightly, im sure once i get the internet on at home it will plunge in to the philosisfick depths of the Mof FarFarRah multiverse.

Anyhow the contence of dont think of piglets is almost an hour listenning, recorded between 2004 and 2005. The post production is by matthew brown, as is the Cove of the Ken Can Kant re-working"moss moles". It is somewhat of a beehive of activity pressed into the interia of your ear. With a push and pull that contains you, yet it is stream like and passes by the ear like olive oil imbeded with broken pottery. Including highlights such i wanta get high (merzbong rmx) extended epic re- add on. A re-working of the cypress hill clasik "i want to get high" in the style of merzbow to start with, then contiueing into a country doom drone slaughtered by a cyclone of sparows.
The album both takes you on a mystical journey at the sametime as keeping you close to home, boarded up in a uni-bomer style shack in brunswick your own heavy breath pounding in your ears like the swell of a sea cave.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

moffarfarrah 1 off casette realeases

MFFR one off cassettes will be one element of a show i am haveing at clubs involving the work of special guests: James Deutsher, KainPicken& Rob McKenzie, Jane Caught, Nick Mangan, Cove Of The Ken Can Kant, Bianca Hester, Masato Takasaka, Nick Selenitsch, Annie Wu, Mathew Griffin, Alex Vivian, Harriet Morgan and more.

The moffarfarrah cassetes will be presented at a listenning station, they have been recorded on 4track on to opshop chinese pop cassettes.
Each is an origional, haveing a track or removed and recorded on each release. Thus this cyclical release(s) changes and stays the same, making it the one track as well as many, and singular momentary releases.

November23rd-december3rd openning nov23 4-7pm @clubs project rear 211 gertrude street

moffarfarrah day one

welcome to moffarfarrah day one, which is in fact prior to day one, but i will explain later